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British Style Sausages
The Celtic Treasure Chest brand of British Style Sausages are custom made to our specifications and made here in Vancouver, B.C. for your dining pleasure.
They are made here exclusively for
The Celtic Treasure Chest

Please see our Baking instructions for
The Celtic Treasure Chest
Brand of sausages

The Celtic Treasure Chest
Old Country Cottage Sausage

“perfect for barbecues. Our sausage makers favourite. A perfect blend of Pork, Spices and Herbs."

The London Pub Sausage
"Made with a British Ale and a hint of garlic for that London Pub food taste"

English Breakfast Sausage
"Made with Pork & Rolled Oats instead of Rusk"
"A great starter for your day"

C.T.C. Honey Mustard Pork Sausages
"A combination of Honey, Wholegrain Honey Mustard, Mustard Seed and Pepper that just gets your mouth a watering.
A taste sensation."

Lamb Sausage
“with a touch of mint that brings memories of springtime in Scotland."

Cumberland Sausage
“A British favourite, great for a Fry-up or an evening of Bangers & Mash."

Pork & Apple Sausage
“a taste of pork with a hint of apple fresh from the orchard in the fall with the just picked from the tree flavour."

Scottish Lorne Sausage
“Square Sausage”

“A perfect blend
of pork & beef”
“Goes great with eggs and Scottish scones."

Dubliner Irish Sausage
“With that added touch of Guinness that reminds you of Dublin Ireland.”

English Breakfast, Maple Flavoured, Pork Sausage
“A great way to start the morning. The maple aroma and taste gives you a reason to get up.”

The King of English Sausages
“Goes great with turkey, roast or on their own for breakfast”

Fiery Welsh Dragon :
“Pork & Leek with the added fire of
a Welsh Dragon”
A perfect blend of Pork, Leek, herbs & spice. “Gluten Free”

Classic Gluten Free Pork & Beef :
“NEW for our customers that want that special taste of pork & beef blend”

Gluten Free Beef & Black Pepper :
“to make that evening meal special”

Coming in the New Year:
Bedford Banger
Belfast Irish Breakfast Sausage
Irish Ploughman’s Sausage
Gluten Free Pork Bangers
Cambridge Sausage
Gluten Free Pork & Herb Sausages

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