Celtic Treasure Chest

Baking instructions for
The Celtic Treasure Chest
Brand of sausages

1. The Celltic Treasure Chest does NOT add fat to our line of sausages they have very little fat content.

2. There is no fat added, no MSG, no Nitrates, no additives or preservatives. Only lean meat products with herbs & spices.

3. We recommend that you DO NOT pierce the skin of the sausages as they will dry out while cooking.

4. All that is required is that you bake or fry the sausages lightly and thoroughly either in the oven or a fry pan and when cooked brown them.

5. Our sausages are great for a Bangers & Mash evening, an Ulster Fry -up, full English, Scottiish or Welsh breakfast, in a pasta dish or any other meal as the uses for the Celtic Treasure Chest sausages are unlimited and are great for breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner.

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