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Extended Hours and Marks & Spencers ... has arrived!!

They're here!!!!

The truck got here Thursday morning and we have been unpacking all day. Everything will be available when we open Friday morning.

M&S Update as of December 6th

According to information we have received from the trucking company, the truck has made it as far as Calgary. So long as the road is clear through the mountains we a reasonably confident that we should have the delivery in by Friday.

M&S Update

The shipment has been delayed by highway closures in Ontario. The latest we have heard is that the truck is now past Winnipeg and is headed for Calgary. After that it will be coming here and if all goes well there is a pretty good chance it will arrive on Friday. If it goes less well we should still have it by Monday but this is weather dependant and, even though it's lovely here in Vancouver, the rest of the country is having a proper winter. Check back here for further updates.

Marks & Spencer

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the Marks & Spencer Christmas cakes and puddings. We finally have word that they are in a truck on the last leg of their journey and if all goes well they will arrive some time on December 6th.

To make sure it's in you can give us a call or watch our facebook page or our website where we will announce the arrival.

M&S 1884

More Gift Ideas

In addition to the usual football themed scarves and whatnot, we have added a selection of licensed items from cultural institutions like "Mr Men" and "Dr Who" as well as the more modern classics, "Harry Potter" and "Game of Thrones".

Mr Men, Dr Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones logos

Macsween Haggis

MacSween Haggis You may have heard on the news that a deal has been reached that allows haggis to be imported from Scotland into Canada for the first time in over 40 years. We received our first shipment of frozen haggis from Macsween of Edinburgh by airplane just a few days ago and it's in the shop now. We have a single serving size and a bigger haggis suitable for 2 to 3 people.

Happy Halloween

Just arrived from the UK, a selection of Halloween treats:

Smarties Pumpkins, Swizzles Treat Bags, Milkybar Ghosts, Cadbury Ghooost Eggs and Crunchy Spiders!!

Halloween treats

Crisp Overload

We overstocked with crisps and with Christmas coming we need the space. All October, if you buy 10 bags of crisps or more you get 20% off, in addition to existing date discounts.

Visit the crisps page for details on current discounts

New Items

The latest shipment includes some items we haven't had before. First, adding to the Taytos and Kings and Keogh's in our Irish crisps we now have KP Mega Meanies. Also new, Jacob's Kimberley and Mikado biscuits.

Two New Faces

Not more than a week ago we hired our first employee, Amy from Cork. Now we have hired another, Diane. These two will be keeping the store open while Steve and Cristina are visiting Ireland. They haven't had a great deal of time to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of everything but they're keen and able and picking things up quick.Come on by and say hi.

Get 10% off by listening to C'mere Till I Tell Ya!

We have partnered with a new podcast produced in Vancouver by and for new Irish immigrants to this fair town.

Cmere Till I Tell Ya

Tune in to C'mere Till I Tell ya and listen out for the secret phrase (starting with episode 2 out now on soundcloud and iTunes) that will get you 10% off your purchase and get you entered in the draw for a $50 gift card (one given away for each episode).


The Thornton's toffees have finally made it in to the shop. You can get it in boxes...

Thorntons in a box

or get it in bags.

Thorntons in a bag



New product has arrived including a much anticipated shipment of Battenburg and mini Battenburg cakes from Mr. Kipling.

Colmans Mint Concentrate

Mint sauce is now back in stock if you need some for the weekend and we have a good stock of Lamb Pies in the freezer.

St Paddy's Day

If our post Paddy's day sign looked oddly spelled to you then:

  1. Well done
  2. We were referencing the "Pint Heard Around the World"
Props to the Railtown Cafe for putting Vancouver on the map (again!))
The clotted cream, double cream and various cheeses have come in and are available in store now.

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