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Hope all who celebrated Robbie Burns night had a great supper and a wonderful evening with friends and family.

We want your feedback. Let us know how the haggis was by sending us an email to We are considering stocking haggis throughout the year and we are looking for opinionated individuals to help us make sure we have the best haggis in town.

Valentines is almost upon us. It's time to pick up a little something for that special someone (or your mum... or yourself - we don't judge). We've got Dairy Box chocolates, the infamous Black Magic and also - Cadbury Milk Tray (though the artwork on the box has changed a smidge since this commercial)

Excess Christmas Stock discounted 20% - 50%

Christmas Cake

Christmas Goodies We over ordered, there are still M&S fruit cakes, biscuits collections, christmas puddings, and chocolates left over and they are taking up space! Come on in and get them now for less.

Keep Calm

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